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Guard Rex Uranus

summer clearence
Position in Order:


Other Aliases:

Keeper of the Towel Rack, Guard Ursus

Date you joined the order:

Around June 2008


Los Angeles, CA

When did you discover your calling?

Oh gosh, around Jan 2000

Why did you join?

I feel there is a strong spiritual calling in al LGBT's that we ignore because we are pushed away from all religious orginizations and I feel that the sisters bring out that spirituality in a way they can understand and because it is fun!

Religious beliefs:

More spiritual than religious.

Goals and Aspirations:

To live my life in a way that inspires other to find their spiritual path.

Rules by which I live:

We cannot control others only how we react to them.

Favorite Quote:

Drink your juice Shelby.


LGBT activists that have paved the way for us to have a more free life than they had. Harvey Milk, Harry Hay, and countless other that there is no room to mention here.

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