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Sister Ima Stella Hot Mess

Position in Order:

Mistress of Bliss


When did you discover your calling?

After meeting Sister Barbie Mitzva in San Franscisco

Why did you join?

To do Community service that has a direct impact on the LGBT community


Religious beliefs:

"Comfortable Agnostic. -- I believe each soul has it's own path of spirituality


Goals and Aspirations:

My goal(s) are to inspire the youth to express themselvs without fear, and to spread joy and laughter to all in the human race ( Even republicans!)


Rules by which I live:

Karma - Send it out, and it will return. ( Also known as the golden rule.) Treat others with respect, and they will do the same to you.


Favorite Quote:

"I'm not perfect, but I'm perfect for you" -- Grace Jones
" Wherever you go - there you are!" -- Buckaroo Banzi



Lake Michigan, ( Any body of water, really) nature, and the beauty that surrounds us all

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