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Sister Dali


Although Sister Dali is not an 'official' member of  Brew City Sisters, she has done so much for us and involved with our events and group so much she is an 'honorary'/ornery  member of our Abbey.

Sister Dali Domystique - Pussy Gott'ightly
Clutcher of the Sacred Pearls
Keeper of the Clear Challis

What about Dali?

Nobody quite knows what to make of this one.....yet!

Terrible with names, but fun at cocktail parties. Amateur playwright, painter, bookish, drab in dress and nature. Note the eyebrows. A nightmarish vision of an evening at the circus, gone horribly wrong. Her greatest talent seems to be stirring up trouble and pissing people off wherever she goes. It's not all her fault!

This postulant's previous life as Hudda Thunk, most closely resembles that of Shirley Temple trans-converted into a Tom of Finland drawing, asking one leather-clad man after another, Are you my Daddy?

All this, and yet still single?

Other identifying traits, DALI can often be seen with her own communion vessel of choice, a martini glass.


Aspirations include becoming a figure resembling Auntie Mame, but more likely to windup as the unwed mother of a
child never knowing its fathers name.

Special Thanks to the LA Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence for the information on this page

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