Sister Sexy Angel

Position in Order:

Board of Directors-Member

Other aliases:

Angel Ellis, Angel Starry, Guard Social Anxiety, Guard Ima Cutabitch

Date you joined the order:

August, 2009




When did you discover your calling?

When I first heard about the charity work the sisters do.

Why did you join?

To help the LGBT community in various ways also I enjoy helping others and planing events and fundraisers.

Religious beliefs:


Goals and Aspirations:

To help LGBT community the best way I can in any way I can. Plan more fundraisers for other nonprofits and be more active in the community and not just in the bars.

Rules by which I live:

Love everyone and treat them the way they should be treated.


Favorite Quote:

Life is a b and then you die.

Life is short, so do what makes you happy.



My religion and the ones I love.

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